Educating Substance Abuse Professionals Throughout North Carolina

The TASC Training Institute provides evidence based training to TASC staff statewide, with regional classroom and online learning, in order to improve the delivery of services to the offender population across the state of North Carolina through:

  • TASC Clinical Series Online Training for new staff, NC Drug Education School (DES) Instructor training, DWI Services technical and continuing education training via regional and online learning, and other Institute sponsored events,
  • Speakers provided for trainings and conferences including the Addiction Professionals of NC Fall and Spring Conferences, the NC Foundation for Drug and Alcohol Studies Summer School, and the NC Substance Abuse Professional Practice Board’s Annual Training,
  • Classes on Motivational Interviewing, Child and Adult Level Of Care Utilization System (LOCUS), Adult, Rural, and Law Enforcement Mental Health First Aid, and How Being Trauma- Informed Improves Criminal Justice System Responses for Law Enforcement and Case Managers training by certified professionals,
  • A web site that provides information, online training, training event information and registrations for the NC TASC Network and the NC DWI treatment provider community,
  • Administration of the Instructor Certification programs for the NC DES and NC Alcohol and Drug Education Traffic School ADETS programs,
  • Administrative and technical support, training, and consultation for NC Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services DWI Programs Office, including DWI New Provider Orientation, E508 Certificate Of Completion training and administration,
  • An online DWI Training and Support Center providing a portal for information and training for the State’s nearly 500 DWI treatment facilities, and
  • Institute staff members who help DWI facilities improve education and treatment services to clients statewide through quality improvement audits and consultations to DWI facilities. Consults focus on implementation of DWI facility best practice standards and promotion of Alcohol and Drug Education School curriculum fidelity.